Create your membership business on Squarespace

"Since launching my membership site, MemberSpace helped me secure over 100 signups and over $4,000 in revenue in just 3 days!"
Helene Sula, Founder of Blog Boss Babe

How It Works

Create your online course, training program, or other business idea inside your existing Squarespace website - no need to build anything on another platform!

Step 1

Start your 14 day free trial.

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Step 2

Choose which of your Squarespace pages are protected.

Step 3

Add protected content (e.g. images, PDFs, videos) to your protected pages.

Step 4

Charge for access to your protected pages & content.

You're done!

Visitors must sign up or log in before viewing your protected pages & content.

"Someone finally figured out how to create a simple membership login using Squarespace. No custom code or developer needed."
Maya Gaddie, Founder of Maya Gaddie International

Create your own membership experience

Member Payments

Charge your members a recurring or one time fee in any major currency (via Stripe). You can also give them a free trial.

Membership Plans

Create unlimited free or paid plans and choose which plans grant access to specific protected pages & content.

Custom Sign Up

Collect any information you want from your users during sign up. You decide what is required and what is not.

Coupon Codes

Create any coupon codes you want, then have your members apply them when signing up for a recurring membership plan.

Member Approval

You can choose to manually approve every member that signs up before they can access any protected pages & content.

Member Accounts

Your members can view/edit their account profiles, update their credit card on file, and even cancel their subscription themselves.

MailChimp Integration

Whenever you get a new member their email can be automatically added to any MailChimp list you want.

Abandoned Signup Recovery

When someone tries to sign up but doesn't submit payment, we'll automatically follow up with them on your behalf.

Failed Payment Recovery

When someone's recurring subscription payment fails, we'll automatically follow up with them on your behalf until it's fixed.

Secure Content

Unlike other 3rd party logins tools, MemberSpace allows you to fully secure embedded content on any page you want.

Manually Add Members

You can choose to manually add and invite your members so they are not forced to sign up on your site.

Member Emails

Customize the wording and format of any account emails your members receive from you via MemberSpace (e.g. confirm account).

Custom Wording

You can change the default wording for all text, links, forms, and buttons your members see via MemberSpace.

Mobile Responsive

Your members can log in or create an account with any device (phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop).

Embed Anywhere

You can embed your member login form on any page, create a pop up, or have it appear on all pages by default.

Custom Styling

You can easily change the styling of your member login form with CSS. We're also happy to style it for you free of charge.

Export Members

You can export your full member list and then import it into any 3rd party tool (like ConvertKit) or view it in Excel.

URL Redirects

After your members log in or sign up, you can automatically send them to any page URL you want.

Member Analytics

You can view new sign up trends across multiple time periods plus full activity timelines for every member.

Unlimited Sites

You can add your MemberSpace functionality to as many Squarespace sites as you want with no extra charge!

Plan Expirations

You can have your membership plans (and access to your protected page s& content) expire on a specific day/time or after a set period.

Multiple Currencies

You can charge your customers in most major international currencies including USD, AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, JPY, SGD, and NOK.

Upgrade & Downgrade Plans

Your members can upgrade or downgrade plans whenever they want. We'll charge or refund them the prorated amount.

VIP Support

If you ever have questions, our support team is just a phone call or email away. Yes a real person actually picks up the phone :)

5 Minute Setup

We'll automatically walk you through the set up and installation so you're never lost or confused. Everything just works!

Need help setting up your membership site?

We can help you! We created MemberSpace and we're official Squarespace Specialists who have worked on over 225 Squarespace sites. Who better to help you design, configure, and launch your very own membership course, online training, or other idea! Contact us today: 201-499-5193 or [email protected].

"I tried Sentry Login for several days, and gave up. It's so disorganized. Then I found MemberSpace, your platform is extremely well done!"
Justin Page Wood, Founder of JPW Design Studios

Is MemberSpace secure?

Yes, all login details are secured using modern 2048-bit bank grade SSL encryption. MemberSpace also has a protected content feature which allows you to embed any file (image, PDF, document) or video (YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia) on any page. These files & videos will only be accessible by registered members since access is authenticated via MemberSpace's server.

However, when adding a Squarespace page URL as a protected page in MemberSpace we do not have access to any server connected with your website and therefore anyone who has technical knowledge of JavaScript can potentially view your protected page(s) without logging in (PS. this is true for all Squarespace 3rd party login systems). We recommend you do not place any sensitive content (e.g. legal documents) on a MemberSpace protected page unless you use our protected content feature.